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Novelty cakes can really make any celebration special. These can be designed to meet your own requirements and can be the talking point of any party. Novelty cakes are usually in line with jobs or pastimes and really are personal and usually great fun. Lets put it this way a Ferrari super car in cake is a lot cheaper than the real thing...

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WPC Police Hat


Relax At The Caravan




Double Decker Blackpool Bus


Merchant Naval Ship


Rugby Try


Police Car


Vintage VW Campervan


3D Minion


Sexy Lingerie


Snowboard Off The Piste


Luxury Yacht


Camping In The Tent






3D Eddie Stobart Truck


Mount Kilimanjaro


Working In The Kitchen


Im Not That Old




Tractor And Its Load


Jimmy Choo And Moet


Gone Fishing


Tea Pot


The Greenhouse


Spice Girls


Saturday Night Fever


Rubics Cube


Red Helmet


Record Player


Twin Decks


Stretch Limousine




Postman Pat Van


Garden Shed


Husky Dog


Model Car


Crise Ship


Boxing Ring


Yes Chef


Motorcycle Helmet


At The Allotment


Drink On Me


Your Round


Black Cab


Playing The Drums




The Way To Relax


Water Sking


Pool Side Fun


Drum Set


Little Britain


John Deere Tractor


Dozen Roses


Day On The Lake


Silver Porsche


VW Camper Van


Three In The Tub


Ascot Hat


Sports Car


The Stage




On The Farm


Hot Tub


Shark Attack


One Man And His Dog


Naughty Firemen


Louis Vuitton Handbag


Ferrari Supercar










Sewing The Seeds


On The Hunt


Relaxing In The Pool


Crown Green


Ferrari Formula 1


Taxi Please


On The Beach




Pyjama Day


Hole In One


Red Arctic




Chilling Out


All Together On The Piste


Sing Along






On The Piste


Well Deserved Rest




Si Friends




Steam Train




Only Fools And Horses Van


Grand Piano


My Dog


On The Beach


Snooker Table


Dentist Chair


Fire Engine


Arctic Truck


Put Your Feet Up


Two In The Tub


Leisure Cruiser


Topless Pint Pot


Naughty Policemans Helmet


Bouquet Of Flowers


Taking The Dogs For A Walk


Kitchen Duties