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At Cake Creations by Sarah we always try to create fun, colourful and exciting designs for your children. We design everything from simple standard cakes to the most elaborate fairy castles for example. The selection below is only some of the cakes we have produced and if you don't see what you are looking for we will design something special for you and your children.

As you can imagine children's design change on a regular basis. The characters we all grew up loving have changed and new exciting characters are coming out all the time. Its always great to see old time favourites coming back and the latest film or children's TV series getting popular. Its always funny when we have to look on the web to see what the latest request has been as we have not heard about it before…..

We keep up to date with these new characters and always try to provide cakes which have that WOW factor.

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Ben 10 With Watch


Ben 10 Chasing Gang


Disney Princess Belle Of The Ball


The Bee Movie Number 4


Beauty And The Beast Dancing


Beast Quest


Batman And Robin 2


Batman And Batmobile


Homer In The House


Ballet Shoes


Arsenal Fc Crest


Anyone For Tennis


Peppa Pig In The Woods


Angelina Ballerina


Egyptian Pharoes


Ben 10 Gang Together


Chocolate Malteser Number 12


Princesses Party Dress


Pirate Ship Tresaure


Tom And Jerry On The Chase


Peppa Pig And Family In Bed


Sonic The Hedgehog


Sweetie Number 4


Pink Polka Delight


Roary The Racing Car 3D


Roary The Racing Car Photo


Power Rangers Together


Peppa Pig Balloon


Arsenal Fc Jigsaw


Little Miss Sunshine


Manchester United Shirt 1


Fluffy My Little Pony


Fireman Sam Sat On The Engine


Iggle Piggle Number 2


Barney Polka Dot


George And The Balloon


Disney Princess Party Collection


Fifi And Her Flower


Polka Dot Party


Dinosaur Forbidden Land


Diamond Barbie


Dennis The Menace


Power Ranger Sweet Tower


Star Wars Darth Vada


Batman And Robin


Bakugan Selection


Blackberry Phone Pink


Farmyard Cupcakes


Newcastle United Fc Shirt


Mermaid Family


Mermaid Sandy Rocks


Giant Cupcake Topper Tower


R2D2 3D


Disney Princess Delux Castle


Sledging On The Slopes


Sponge Bob Squarepants


Lemon Number 2


My Favouirite Wrestlers


WWE Wrestling Ring


Polka Dot Number 5


Thomas The Tank Photo


Teddy Blanket Number 1


Pink Polka Dot Number 4


Snow White Forest


Peppa Pig And Family


Black And White Number 13


Finding Nemo Aquarium


Manchester United Fc Crest


Pink Limo Photo


Pink Cuddly Teddy Number 1




Pastime Number 11


Hello Kitty Flower


TT Race Track


Butterfly Heart


Fluffy As A Fairy


Butterfly Landing


Army Number 9


Blackburn Rovers Fc Logo


Parcel Explosion


Scuba Diving


Sitting Pretty Castle


Wall E


Lego Brick


Haunted House


Thomas The Tank Engine Train


Riding The Shark


Scooby Doo Van Photo


Delectable Princess Dress


Liverpool Fc Crest


Indiana Jones


In The Night Garden Forest


In The Night Garden Number 1


In The Night Garden Number 2


High School Musical 2


Hannah Montana




Dinosaur Land


Star Wars Selection


Malteser Number 3


Chelsea Fc Logo


Winnie And Tiggers Tea Party


Best Of Both Number 1


Megatron Mask


Pirate Ship Trasure


Cow 2D


Peppa Pig Flowers


Army Camo


Princess Collection


Teddy Daisy Number 1


Penguin Ice Castle


Winnie The Pooh And Friends Number 1


Winnie The Pooh Number 1


Power Ranger Command Tower


Pink Dinosaur


Princess Lilac Castle


Cascading Butterfly


Key To The Castle


Dancing Ballerina


Red Indian


Disney Mickey And Minnie Spotty


Bratz Delux


My Favourite Players


Iggle Piggle


Pink Girly Handbag


England Shirt


Dora And Friends


Dalmation 2D


Sheep 2D


Star Wars Yoda


High School Musical


Safari Watering Hole


Sweet Fairytale Castle


Transformers Battle


John Dere Tractor 3D


Grand Turret Castle


Thomas The Tank Engine 3D


Shaped Heart Tower


Shrek Family


Digger In The Field


Scooby Doo Ghost Town


Disney Princess Heart Delight


Pokemon Photo 1


Dora The Explorer Photo


Finding Nemo 2D


Me To You Photo


Super Mario Kart Photo


Lilac Dream Castle


Hobby Number 10


Halo 3


Footballers Sweet Treat


Fifi Flowerpot House


Fairy Cupcake Castle


Secret Waterfall Castle


Harry Potter Special Book


Blackburn Rover Fc Shirt


Ben 10 With Watch


Batman On Parade


Princess Watch Tower Castle


Nellie Number 1


Dalek 3D


Bob The Builder Workshop


Safari Watering Hole


Winnie On The Cloud




Tiger 1


Power Ranger Selection


Lilac Guitar


Minnie Mouse Photo 1


Disney Car Selection


Disney Aeriel Mermaid


Princess For A Day


Yellow Digger 3D


Scooby Doo


Scooby Scooby Doo


Tiara Stack


Steam Train Number 1


Little Girls Special Bag


Blue Is Best Number 6


Pastel Lake Castle


Star Fish Rock Formation


Girl Snorkelling


Power Ranger


Ocean Mermaid


Relaxing Mermaid


Hello Kitty 2D


Treasure Chest


Sonic 1




Lilac Delight Number 10


Grey Horses Head


Newcastle United Fc Shirt


Great White Shark




Disney Cars Collection


Brum 3D


Winnie The Pooh Balloon


Teddy Bear Picnic


Superman Logo


Star Wars Photo 1

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